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The Guitarist's Progress 


A unique and exciting resource for guitarists encompassing

five main series that follow the same basic progression:


  • The Guitarist's Progress - Music from all ages for all ages

  • Young Guitarist's Progress - Music for young beginners 

  • Certain Hits (Solo & Quartet Series) - Great music from Albums, Films, Shows & TV 

  • Travelling in Style (Solo & Quartet Series) - Over 300 pieces in many styles

  • Period Pieces - Pieces from every Musical Period arranged for guitar quartet


Each individual book can be used in conjunction with any guitar books.

However, used collectively, they provide one of the most comprehensive

and popular introductions available to guitarists today.

New Series now available: Period Pieces (Solo Series):

Arrangements & original pieces from all the main Musical Periods. This Series contains works by some familiar composers, but there also many pieces by less well-known writers that deserve more widespread use.

       Period Pieces Book 1 (GM54) 

  • Arrangements include pieces by,          Playford, Sabio, Schubert & Susato 

  • Works by among others,                                Sagreras, Ferrer & Doisy

  • Arrangements of popular songs such as,  Meet the Flintstones TV Theme                    Anon. Romance (simplified)

  • Original compositions                                                             Click 'New' to see more details

       Period Pieces Book 2 (GM55) 

  •  Arrangements include pieces by,        Rodriguez, Martini, Mozart & Vivaldi 

  •  Works by among others,                                Shand, Bosch, Sagreras, Arcas & Ferrer

  •  Arrangements of popular songs such as,   Kalinka, Autumn Leaves,                                     Bye, Bye, Blackbird              

  •  Original compositions                                                              Click 'New' to see more details

Using this website:


  • To purchase books:

Go to the 'Books: Purchase' or 'Books: Recordings & Contents' sections;

Each book has a 'click to buy' sales link to our distributor's Website 


  • To Listen to recordings of pieces from the books;               

Go to the 'Books: Recordings & Contents' section

Underlined pieces have links to recordings on Youtube & Soundcloud


  • Books containing pieces in UK exam sylabii are indicated




       Period Pieces Book 3 (GM56) 

  •  Arrangements include pieces by,          Dowland, Mudarra, Santa Cruz & Paradis

  •  Works by among others,                           Shand, Arcas, Cottin, Bosch & Ferrer

  •  Arrangements of popular songs such as,   Hallelujah, Cry me a River,                             Let's Face the Music and Dance

  •  Original compositions                                                              Click 'New' to see more details

       The Numbers:


  • 40 years in the writing

  • 50 plus books

  • 5 series

  • Well over a 1,500 pieces

  • The fruit of 50 years teaching experience

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