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At First Sight (GM 41) 



Grade 1 to 5

This book is a structured approach to sight reading that is broadly based on the requirements for guitar sight-reading in Grade exam syllabi.

Each Grade level is dealt with in three parts:

Part 1; 'Sight-Reading Building Block' pages explain all rhythms, speed markings and dynamic expressions likely to be encountered. Requirements of length, texture, positions and keys are also given.


P)art 2; 'Sight-Reading Exercise' pages give rhythmic exercises based on the rhythms included in each given Grade. Helpful hints to approaching sight-reading are also provided in the 'Before You Start Check List'. The 'Trial Run' piece can be used to practise implementing the Check List.

Part 3: Contains music examples for sight-reading practice that are divided into two sections; the first provides adapted passages from pieces from each of the main musical periods. The second section contains new pieces written within the criteria of each Grade level. It is always beneficial to use real musical pieces for sight-reading and, by including pieces from each musical era, pupils are familiarised with the features of each of these periods. 


As progress is made through the book learning the meaning of musical terms, keys and time signatures develops the pupil's knowledge of music theory,  Thinking clearly about the musical terms and rhythms as they are introduced in each Grade will also benefit every aspect of the student's playing. The Appendix at the end of the book gives a short introduction to Music Theory. 

A similar approach for Grade 6 to 8 (Sight-Reading Building Block and Exercise pages as well as musical examples) can be downloaded from the free download section on this website.

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